HARO Backlinks Cost: Providers & Typical Prices

Jan. 11, 2024, 11:31 p.m. in

Exploring the cost of HARO backlinks piqued my interest after diving into the world of digital PR. I've always been intrigued by the idea of leveraging high-authority sites to boost my own domain's credibility. But let's face it, the backlink industry can be pricey and often comes with a hefty dose of rejection. Let's break down the real costs and the value you can expect when using HARO for backlinks.

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What are HARO Backlinks?

When diving into the world of link building, HARO backlinks stand out as a unique opportunity. HARO, which stands for Help a Reporter Out, is a platform connecting journalists with sources. My experience with HARO has shown that it's a tool with potential far beyond what many initially perceive. Let's unpack what HARO backlinks are and why they matter.

Benefits of HARO Backlinks

Timely Opportunities: One of the biggest benefits I've seen with HARO is the timeliness of link opportunities. Journalists working on tight deadlines need information fast, giving me a chance to offer value promptly and potentially secure a backlink.

Quality Exposure: Since HARO connects you with established journalists and media outlets, the exposure my content gets is generally of high caliber. The sites are often reputable with significant traffic, which can markedly boost my site's authority and visibility.

Cost-Effective: Utilizing HARO can be incredibly cost-effective. While there are paid subscription options, you can start for free, pitching to queries without a financial commitment. Even if you opt for a paid subscription, the cost is relatively low compared to the resulting high-quality backlinks you can secure.

Diverse Industry Reach: HARO queries span a vast array of industries. For me, this means I can target specific niches or expand my reach across different sectors, increasing the diversity and resilience of my backlink profile.

Credibility Boost: Being quoted or featured on a reputable site does wonders for credibility. These don't just serve as links for SEO; they often bolster the trustworthiness of my brand.

By harnessing these benefits, HARO backlinks become more than just a passive strategy; they're a proactive tool in my SEO arsenal. Ensuring a fast response time, pitching effectively, and maintaining quality in my submissions have been integral to my success on the platform.

How Much Do HARO Backlinks Cost?

A HARO backlink will cost you anywhere from $300 - $600/link. They are considered to be one of the highest quality types of link.

Backlink Contract Types

When considering the cost of HARO backlinks, understanding the different types of contracts available is key to determining the best approach for your link-building strategy.

Internal Submissions

Choosing to build links internally means dedicating my own time or that of my team to craft and submit responses to HARO queries. The main cost here’s the opportunity cost, considering what else I could have achieved during this time.

Per Hour

Alternatively, hiring a contractor or agency to pitch on my behalf involves an hourly rate. This rate can vary widely based on the reputability and success rate of the contractor or agency I choose.

Per Link

The most definitive option is a per link contract. With this approach, I pay a set price for each successful link, typically ensuring the links are do-follow and meet a certain domain authority threshold. This method often carries the highest cost but comes with clearer expectations on what I'm getting for my investment.

Industry Affects On Pricing

The niche I operate within has a significant impact on HARO backlink costs. For example:

Industry Cost per Link
Marketing $350
Travel / Fitness $400
FInance / Legal $450
Medical $500
Affiliate/Ecommerce $600

HARO outreach services like HAROHelpers showcase the variable pricing structure, charging $350** for a link in the marketing industry but upping the price to **$500 within the medical field. Clearly, the demand and difficulty associated with securing quality backlinks in certain industries play a crucial role in setting these prices.

The Demise of HARO Link Building Services

As I delve deeper into the intricacies of HARO backlink costs, it's essential to recognize the changing landscape of the industry. Not long ago, HARO link building services thrived as a cornerstone strategy for many digital marketing agencies. HARO link building services once provided a valuable avenue for gaining high-quality backlinks, which are pivotal for SEO success. They bridged the gap between journalists seeking expertise and businesses eager to share their knowledge while securing a link.

However, recent shifts have seen a significant reduction in the availability of these services. Major link building companies such as AuthorityBuilders, FatJoe, and The Hoth previously offered specialized HARO link building services but have since pulled back. The reasons behind their withdrawal are not entirely transparent but there are speculations that several factors are at play.

One prominent theory is the emergence of AI spammers within the industry. As artificial intelligence evolves, it's become easier and more cost-effective to generate pitches at scale, albeit with less personalized engagement. This could potentially flood journalists with low-quality responses, making it challenging for genuine and well-thought-out pitches to stand out. The efficacy of HARO responses depends largely on the quality and relevance, factors that AI-generated content may not reliably meet, which could lead to a lower success rate for these services.

Furthermore, the diminishing number of dedicated HARO services could be influenced by demand dynamics. With AI tools enabling businesses to autonomously pitch to journalists, the need for an intermediary service could be waning. Agencies might find it less profitable if success rates dwindle, leading them to redirect their focus onto other more viable digital marketing strategies.

Despite these speculations, no concrete data is readily available to pinpoint the exact cause behind the reduction of HARO link building services. Nonetheless, for businesses turning to HARO for backlinks, understanding the current state of the market is crucial. Navigating through the diminishing pool of service providers requires a strategic approach to ensure that each HARO query response is impactful and stands a higher chance of being selected by journalists amidst the noise.

Are HARO Backlinks Worth the Cost?

Case Studies: Success Stories with HARO Backlinks

I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of HARO backlinks on businesses large and small. A particularly noteworthy case involved an agency that leveraged HARO to elevate their online presence. With a strategic approach, they successfully garnered backlinks from esteemed publications like MarketingProfs and Search Engine Journal. These were not your run-of-the-mill links; they were earned, authoritative, and the kind that competitors can’t easily replicate.

The agency's efforts not only boosted their SEO rankings dramatically but also cemented their reputation as thought leaders. They saw a marked improvement in domain authority, illustrating the tangible benefits of HARO backlinks. In another success story, a client I worked with experienced a surge from 5 to 237 backlinks in 90 days, predominantly featuring domains with a DA over 70. The value of these high-quality connections is clearer when we consider backlink costs that can skyrocket to $1,500 for a single one, highlighting the potential ROI HARO offers.

Evaluating the ROI of HARO Backlinks

Calculating the ROI of HARO backlinks requires a look at both the quantitative and qualitative benefits they bring. From a data standpoint, tracking KPIs like query response rate, the average time to respond, and the query to placement ratio can yield insights into the effectiveness of your HARO strategy. These figures paint a picture of not only how well your pitches are doing but also the kind of attention your site is attracting.

Using tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs, I've been able to gauge the SEO performance enhancements attributable to HARO backlinks. For instance, enhancements in organic search rank and website visibility point directly to the worthiness of these links. It's not all about the numbers, though. The caliber of journalists and publications responding to your queries can signal the potential for establishing authority and credibility in your niche—something that's harder to quantify but equally crucial.

As for costs, it’s about weighing the expense against the value. Considering the substantial price tag traditionally associated with high-quality backlinks, HARO's approach provides an economically sound alternative, especially when the links earned are from powerhouses like Business Insider or Forbes. The impact of a single dofollow link from a domain with a Moz DA of 94, like Reuters, is an investment that has the potential to yield returns many times over.

Tips for Getting the Best Value from HARO Backlinks

Finding Reliable Sources on HARO

To maximize the effectiveness of my HARO strategy, I focus on identifying reliable sources with a proven track record. Trustworthy sources boost my credibility and the likelihood of being selected by journalists. Monitoring the platform daily for relevant queries in my industry allows me to pinpoint opportunities quickly. In my toolbox, I keep a list of subjects I'm knowledgeable in and match them against incoming queries. This focused approach saves time and increases the quality of my submissions.

It's wise to vet potential opportunities for their relevance and reach. I prefer sources from high-authority domains as these backlinks pack a bigger SEO punch. By verifying the domain authority of the outlet and the journalist's previously published work, I can assess the potential impact on my SEO performance.

Building Strong Relationships with Journalists

In my experience, durable relationships with journalists are invaluable. Here's my three-tier strategy:

  • Engagement: Like, comment, and interact with their content. This keeps me on their radar.
  • Personalization: When I pitch, I ensure it's tailored to their request. A bespoke pitch shows I've done my homework.
  • Gratitude: Sending a simple thank you after a story goes live goes a long way in fostering goodwill.

By making myself available for future inquiries and offering timely, accurate insights, I’ve often found journalists coming back to me for more input. Ensuring that I remain accessible and reliable has helped me become a go-to resource for multiple writers.

Optimizing Your Pitch for Better Results

Crafting a compelling pitch is the linchpin of successful HARO outreach. I make sure my pitches are concise and directly address the journalist's needs. It's critical to demonstrate immediate value. Incorporating bullet points has proven effective in highlighting key insights quickly.

Positioning myself as a problem-solver for journalists by anticipating what they might need next has set my pitches apart. I also include a brief background about myself, reinforcing my expertise and how it aligns with their story. By optimizing my pitches for clarity and relevance, I've seen a significant improvement in my success rate on the platform.


Landing HARO backlinks doesn't have to break the bank. By leveraging the insights I've shared about honing pitches and fostering journalist relationships, you're well on your way to gaining high-quality links without a hefty price tag. Remember it's about strategy and connection—not just cold hard cash. Stick with the approach that's brought me success and you'll find that the cost of HARO backlinks is more about time and effort than dollars. Keep at it and the results will speak for themselves.