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How Does It Work?

Opportunities With Context

We're subscribed to various earned media opportunity sources. We look for patterns across journalists and outlets, in order to give you the most context on an opportunity, instantly.

Differences in B2B SEO

Deadline 2 Days, 14 📝 Written Article DA 59

SEO professionals and B2B business owners needed to provide insights on how SEO for B2B differs and the results they are generating.

AI Matching That Learns

Sifting through all these opportunities is no easy feat. We've built various layers of filtering, into our matching system that gives control over how much you want to receive.

Good Match

PR Bot Says:

The client has experience in seo and marketing to gain leads, making them reasonably suitable for the journalist query.

Notifications Where You Are

You and your team are busy, so PR Bot delivers your opportunities where you work. Configure on-call schedules or collbaborate as a team in Slack.


Pitching Perfection

With pitch templates pre-built with the correct contact information and format, we free you up to bring the value of answering the questions.


All Our Features

We've got plenty of features for the beginner up to large agency.

Multi-Channel Alerts

Configure alerts to send opportunities to different slack channels for all your teams.

Manual Search

Just login to search our backlog of live opportunities and all our data on outlets.

Stored Bios

Create a set of pre-configured "bios" that you can quickly use in a pitch.

Email Tracking

When you send your pitch through PR Bot, we track when it's opened and links are clicked.


We keep track your pitches so you can easily see your win-rate.


Apart from free and regular updates, we are always ready to help you.


What Customers Say About Us

As a small business, it's important we don't waste time. PR Bot allows us to get several high quality links each month, without spending any time reviewing emails or twitter.

James Bowdler - Founder @ PrimeCarers

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

We start with a description of your business, and from this we build a set of queries that would be ideal for you hypothetically.

Once we have these, we compare them to our existing database of opportunities. We review these queries and determine if they are relevant to you.

We categorise and group those compatible queries into 3-10 categories of opportunity that are ideal for your business.

Next, we build a model for each of those categories to help us do loose categorisation of what is right for you. These models get updated regularly as you pitch / reject opportunities.

Now when new queries come in, we check against the model how similar a query is, if near enough, we enrich, and test more thoroughly.

This is how we get you the best matches of any other product on the market.

We get opportunities from a variety of sources, mostly from email newsletters. We are working to add more sources which will appeal to a wider variety of businesses.

There are lots of other solutions promising to auto-generate pithces on your behalf. We will not be doing this.

We value journalists time here at PR Bot and don't want defraud them with AI generated content.

If we suspect AI usage in your pitches, we will cancel your subscription, there are other platforms better suited to you.


PR Bot is for small startup teams looking to get media coverage and built their backlinks without spending hours a day scrolling HARO emails.

PR Agencies

It's also suitable for PR agencies that want to free up their time to focus on pitching for their clients. PR Bot can remove the workload of checking various sources at intervals throughout the day.

SEO Managers

Media opportunities aren't just for big news coverage, they're also great for building backlinks from other businesses and smaller blogs.

We charge a rate of $49/mo per alert. An alert is essentially a business description that holds it's own AI model that allows us to do our matching.

We do offer reduced rates for agencies that need multiple alerts for each of their clients.