HARO for Startups: A Cost-Efficient PR Strategy

Nov. 3, 2023, 9:57 p.m. in

Today’s digital era has broadened the horizon for various businesses, especially startups, to flourish and grow, vastly leveraging a multitude of digital tools and strategies. One such potent tool that has been greatly valuable for an affordable and productive PR strategy is HARO, known as "Help a Reporter Out."

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Harnessing the power of HARO can give startups the cost-efficient break they need to build credibility, secure press coverage, bolster their Backlink profile, and improve their SEO ranking. With that said, we'll dive into a comprehensive exploration of HARO's potential, strategies, and benefits to make your startup cost-efficiently shine out.

Understanding HARO

HARO is an online service where journalists, bloggers, and authors connect with newsworthy industry experts like yourself to gain insights or quotes for their articles and stories. The real beauty of this platform is that it can give any company, especially startups, a chance to be referenced in major publications, thereby increasing their online presence and validity.

To understand why PR is vital for startups, we first need to understand the role it plays in the business world, particularly in the digital age. PR is the art and science of making people, governments, and organizations aware of your brand.

A startup needs PR to increase brand credibility, generate business interest, and to attract potential clients and investors. In this SEO-driven world, a positive presence in the online ecosystem can turn the tables in favor of startups. Associating with HARO can provide this cost-efficient PR push to startups which normally could be an expensive pursuit.

The Functioning of HARO

The system of HARO is pretty straightforward. Once you sign up as a source on HARO, you'll be receiving up to three emails a day (morning, afternoon, and evening) from Monday to Friday. These emails contain media opportunities in your chosen industry. Journalists write queries for the articles they're working on, which are then distributed in these emails.

If a query resonates with your expertise, you can reply directly to the reporter, positioning your brand or yourself as a fit for their needs. Being proactive and providing precise, valuable responses can help you secure a position as an expert source in their piece, providing you with powerful exposure.

The Winning HARO Strategy for Startups

When it comes to crafting a successful HARO strategy, startups should always consider their unique positioning, their industry expertise, and the essence of their brand.

  1. Selecting Right Opportunities: Not all queries will be relevant to your business, so it's important to choose the right ones. Select media opportunities that align well with your brand and where you can display your unique expertise.

  2. Effective Pitch: The pitch should be to-the-point, educational, concise, and should have the potential to provide valuable insight to the reporter. Always remember, reporters receive hundreds of pitches a day, so be genuine and specific.

  3. Timely Response: HARO operates in real-time, and journalists have tight deadlines, so it's critical to respond as quickly as possible. Regularly check your emails for HARO queries and try to respond within the first hour.

  4. Using Real Experiences: When responding, use real business stories or examples wherever applicable. This not only offers authenticity but also a greater potential for connection with your audience.

  5. Networking: Don't look at HARO as a one-time platform to gain PR. Network with journalists for long-term relationship building. It might not fetch immediate results, but it will benefit in the long haul.

The Benefits of HARO for Startups

HARO can transform the visibility and credibility of your startup. Here are some of the core benefits associated with this cost-efficient PR strategy.

  1. Press Coverage: HARO can serve as a golden ticket to getting featured in major media outlets, enhancing brand recognition.

  2. Improve SEO: Quality backlinks from high-authority sites increase your SEO ranking.

  3. Building Credibility: Being quoted by trusted publications elevates your profile as an expert in your field which in turn increases your credibility.

  4. Cost-Efficient PR: Engaging with HARO is cost-effective compared to traditional PR methods and could save startups significant budgeting resources.


Leveraging HARO smartly and proactively can potentially catapult a startup into upward growth in a cost-efficient way. Amidst fierce competition and limited resources, today's startups need every advantageous tool available, and HARO stands out as a modern PR strategy promising extensive publicity without emptying the pocket.

Startups are truly the heroes of our new era, bringing solutions, services, and innovation that continue to shape our world. Therefore, they deserve recognition and visibility that aligns with their visions. And with HARO, they have the chance to tell their inspiring stories to the world, one pitch at a time.